Friday, June 11, 2010

Bullet points

Still haven't had a chance to update the look of blog/photograph my quilting just some simple updates for now.

-After visiting St. Anne Orthodox Church since February and after some (very!) interesting meetings with Father Stephen, Chase and I will formally be catechumens beginning this Sunday. We are so incredibly excited and feel such peace about this.

-Chase graduated UT with a BA in History and a 3.8 grade point average! Gogo Chase! I love you!

-Check out the new logo for the Knoxville Modern Quilt Guild! by yours truly, of course. You should see our business cards! They're gorgeous! Can't wait to hand them out to all the local shops during our Shop Hop!

That's about it for me! Working, sewing, quilting,, learning what it means to be orthodox and loving my hubby and puppies. yay!