Monday, February 23, 2009

Busby Love!!!

Well, last weekend, I drove up to my mother's house to pick up my 8 week old bundle of fun! Her name is Busby, and she's a beautiful morkie (half yorkshire terrier, half maltese) and she's just getting into everything!

She's absolutely adorable. She lives here now, with our other dog Gershwin (her daddy) and they just have a grand ol time!

All at once now...."Awwwww!!!"
Look at her cute floppy ears!!! and her little nose!!!!! It's so small...her nose is about the size of a pencil eraser!

hehe! I'm gonna love this girl forever! I love doggy noses!

Aww!! She's got white under her chin, and on her belly....and.....

White at the tips of her feet!!

awwww. puppy feet!! She only weighs about 1 or 2 pounds right now...but she sure is strong!

Ahh...the look of inquiry... "Can I chew that?" "How much longer do I have to sit here?" "What else can I go destroy?"

More pictures when she grows up a bit :)

In the meantime, check out her beautiful brothers!

Morkie Puppies!

(there's also a light brown female - but her picture is not on that particular listing.)

There's nothing in the world like puppies!!!

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