Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cutesy Cakes!

The Adventures of Emily's Cupcake Ministry

I believe that one aspect of ministering to the people around you is to share your God-given talents with them. And one of my strongest talents is baking. Not that I'm incredibly good at it - but I love spending my time baking, and I do know my way around a mixer! I'm oh so happy when I am able to share my baked goods with those around me!

Tonight I had the privilege of baking cupcakes for an event hosted by The Re
storation House. I baked up several different flavors of mini cupcakes! I've never done mini's before! I have to say, that I prefer mini cupcakes considerably more than regular cupcakes.

I think that:

A. Mini cupcakes have a better frosting to cake ratio. You get a little bit of frosting with every bite of cake. With regular size cupcakes, your first couple of bites are either all frosting or all cake (at least with my experience) because you can't get your mouth around the frosting AND the cake. yeesh!

B. You can try more flavors! If you're looking to taste test, big cupcakes are just such a waste...a coupla bites, then it goes in the trash :( Cupcakes in the trash are never a happy thing. Since mini cupcakes are only a couple of bites anyways, there's no waste! yay!

In cupcakes are my new obsession! (at least baking them!)

Here are some pictures of the flavors I baked tonight :)

Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Buttercream and Mini Chocolate Chips

The whole box! (I love packaging - weird, I know)

Strawberry Cake topped with Strawberry Jam and then Vanilla Buttercream and sprinkles (the jam is hidden underneath the buttercream! It's like hidden treasure!!)

And last, but definitely not least...
Red Velvet with Cream Cheese frosting, one of my personal faves. I tried to frost them in the same style as The Kumquat Cupcakery in NYC - and I almost succeeded! I think they're pretty cute, even if I didn't capture the exact look I was going for...

yay for mini cupcakes! I hope they enjoy these cupcakes - I sure did love making them!


Crystal said...

I want to eat the red velvet cupcakes. Mmmmmm

Miss Emily D. said...

I know! I did too!! They look so fun!