Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Back from the Capitol

Chase and I visited Washington DC this past week! It was our three year anniversary! Instead of buying each other presents, we prefer to embark on awesome road trips. We had intended to stay in DC for just one night, but with the generosity of our friends Alex and Emily, and some extra Christmas money, we were able to stay for three nights! I'll do a more detailed post about our trip later, as I don't have my digital camera with me right now - but suffice to say, I think this was one of our best trips to date.

So I was sitting here, reading through some of my favorite sites, and I found an amazing recipe for Paneer. I tried to make Paneer once before, but it never came together...I was using a good recipe, but I just didn't know the technique. Anyhow, I am thinking that is it very important for my future Paneer-making attempts that I remember this website. The question was how? Do I just have a document of websites I like (only accessible on one computer)....or do I create a list, accessible on the internet somewhere?

I have obviously gone with the latter, and though I'm sure there are other solutions to my dilemma, I like the prospect of posting interesting sites/blog entries I read here - more for my personal recollection than for anything else. So without further ado:


Now I've got the recipe AND the technique! Thanks to this blog entry by Sweet Bird, I now know how to successfully procure yummy yummy paneer! I'll try it again soon

More fun stuff:


Using my favorite food photo hub,, you can search for "Daring Bakers" and find various blog entries for the December challenge, a French Yule Log! I'm now a part of Daring Bakers, so I'll be participating in their January Challenge! Keep an eye open for that entry.


Chase got me Fiestaware for Christmas!!!! I can't believe it! I've always loved the bright colors and simple construction of Fiestaware. And now it's in my kitchen! I have navy, orange, yellow, and red place settings, and I hope to invest in more throughout my lifetime. yay for fun dinnerware!


I have a new obsession. Macarons. Not to be confused with Macaroons, the coconut cookies that I've never really had an affinity for. Macarons are french pastries that are oh so visually pleasing to look at and not so easy to make (so I've heard). The pastry is a kind of almond meringue and between two pastries, you will find various fillings like buttercream, jams, jellies, caramel...etc. You can dye them different colors and you can flavor them with fruit and extracts. The possibilities are endless! I really want to make THESE. yummmm snickers.

oh. and you MUST. must must must. go see Slumdog Millionaire.

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