Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Welcome Back! (to me?)

I realize I've neglected to post for a while! And for that I apologize. But it was just too difficult to work 23+ hours at the Cupcakery, 35+ hours at the Outfitters, cook 3 meals a day (2 of those in the morning...breakfast and a pack lunch), and then actually have time to blog.
I've cut down my hours significantly at the Cupcakery, and I am finally feeling like I can breathe again, though I do miss seeing the Cupcakery ladies everyday.

Some updates about me!

- I've recently purchased some embroidery digitizing software! With this software (and my steadily progressing digitizing skillllz), I will be able to digitize any design/logo for embroidery. I only have a couple of clients right now, but in the next couple of years I hope to become entirely self sufficient in running a small digitizing business.

-Our puppy dog Gershwin is going to be a daddy (again)! He mated with a beautiful Maltese (he's a Yorkie) and their puppies are due just after Christmas! We're going to keep one of the girls, and her name will be Busby (after Busby Berkeley) and she'll be so soft and cuddly! And she will be best friends with Gershwin forever and ever. :)

-Chase has almost finished this semester at UT. He has several finals this week, and several next - then it's time for a break! He has decided to major in history and minor in secondary education. That means he can teach! He'll be such a good teacher.

-Thanksgiving was fun, albeit very busy. We had four get-togethers to attend on Thanksgiving day! It was endlessly tiring. But it was good to see family. I made an espresso cake (delicious and wonderful!), blondies (after my second try, they turned out pretty darn good), and apple cobbler (there are a couple of things I will change about this recipe in the future.)

-I am exercising! 6 days a week - 30 minutes a day. This is HUGE for me. I have n-e-v-e-r made exercise a habit. I'm sure it will make me considerably more healthy (that's my goal too!). I missed a couple of days there around Thanksgiving, but I've got my nose to the grindstone again. Hopefully I can make this a habit in 6 weeks (I'm currently ending Week 2, and beginning Week 3. Wish me luck!)

-I've finally taken the leap and joined the Daring Bakers blogroll! I absolutely cannot wait! I'm not very good at photoblogging, well, at least not very experienced, but I hope to change that.

This past month the Daring Bakers made Caramel Cake with Caramelized Butter Frosting. Check foodgawker.com and search for "Caramel Cake" and you can spot some of the amazing bakers that take part in the Daring Bakers challenges.

Well, it's bedtime for me now - but you'll hear from me soon!

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